Why learn about agriculture?

Agriculture provides the world's food. There are many different foods that come from agriculture, including dairy, grains, eggs, beef, poultry and fish.
You may be surprised by how many jobs are connected to agriculture. Agriculture is about more than just farming.
Farmers always keep the environment in mind. So when you learn about agriculture, you also learn about protecting environments.

take the project AGRICULTURE challenge

Do you know where your everyday foods come from? Do you know what happens on a farm, or how farming has changed with the times? Pick a topic below and take the project AGRICULTURE challenge – make a timeline, design an amazing race, create an infographic, envision a job of the future or demonstrate the chemical reaction in everyday foods.

Find the five project AGRICULTURE topics below. Click on any topic to find it – or just keep scrolling! Once you get there, click the topic icon in the corner of the big photo banner to find out more about each topic challenge.

Open the SPARK icons on each topic’s photo banner to think and talk about some challenge questions. Open the carousel slides for photos, videos, stories, information and more.  


How does agriculture make regions unique? Take part in an amazing RACE through Canada’s agricultural activities and resources. Find out more about connections that agriculture has to the land, natural resources and people in Canada’s regions. 

Create an amazing RACE segment that features the connections between resources, communities and farming.

Apply what you learn in this topic to create a proposal for an Amazing Race Canada route based in a region of Alberta or Canada. Feature a physical characteristic and agricultural activity of the region. Include a Route Card with background information on a location. Make a Detour Card that provides two tasks for amazing Race challenge. Develop a Roadblock Card that poses a question about the location. Plan to share your proposal with classmates or community members.

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amazing Race

Does change always result in progress? Agriculture, like many other human activities, can change WITH THE times. Farmers and farming affected growth and change in Alberta communities. Find out how.

Make an interactive timeline tour to show how farming and communities change WITH THE times.

Apply what you learn in this topic to create an interactive timeline tour that shares how communities have been affected by agriculture over time. Focus on change and progress in a community. You can create a mural, brochure or pamphlet or construct a series of mobiles. Or make a comic book with a main character or group of characters who time travel through different eras of Alberta’s farming and rural history. You could also create a radio broadcast or podcast with a dialogue between farmers from different time periods.

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change with the Times

Why is it important to know where our food comes from? Explore the everyday CHEMISTRY that is involved in making foods and drinks. Heating, cooling and mixing are processes used to make a wide range of products that come from agriculture.

Share the everyday CHEMISTRY involved in making a favourite food recipe.

Apply what you learn in this topic to select a recipe and create a demonstration that shares the chemistry that’s involved in making it. Find  or make examples, images, diagrams and descriptions that illustrate how liquids, solids, mixtures and chemical reactions are part of everyday foods and cooking.

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everyday Chemistry

Agriculture is more THAN JUST farming. What are the agriculture jobs of the future? Explore how agriculture in the present and future meets needs and supports the well being of Alberta people and communities.

Create a job description of the future to show how agriculture is more THAN JUST farming.

Apply what you learn in this topic to create an agriculture job description of the future. Make an online advertisement, a webpage or a blog post. Or use images to put together a series of snapshots or a collage that shows what an agriculture job could look like in the future.

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more than just Farming

What is trending NOW in agriculture? How do trends in agriculture affect quality of life? Investigate and analyze trends that influence our use of the land and resources, the food choices we make and how we care for the environment

trending Now