project AGRICULTURE launch activity

project AGRICULTURE challenges you to learn about the families, the farms and the people who are raising, growing and producing the world’s food – and to share your perceptions and learning about agriculture in Alberta.

We invite you to launch your learning with this video, produced by Alberta Treasury Branches as a tribute to the diversity of Alberta farmers.

Click here to download a Discussion Guide that helps you launch your learning…it provides a “paper” version of this activity with spaces to write and the following focus questions to answer.  

ONE As you watch and listen, write down words and phrases that you think represent what you know about agriculture. Write down one or two agriculture facts that you didn’t know before.



Long Love this Land video produced by Alberta Treasury Branches (ATB) Financial and used with permission and thanks. Video produced in March 2018. Facts may have changed since then. No other use, distribution  or reproduction of this video is permitted. 

TWO Consider these research findings from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. What do you think these findings mean for consumers and farmers? What would you like to ask a farmer? Share your thinking with a classmate.


  • Public opinion surveys conducted in 2018 for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada found that Canadians have concerns as well as a lack of knowledge and awareness about agriculture. 
  • The surveys also found that awareness of and familiarity with Canada’s agriculture and food products is generally low, particularly in urban areas.
  • Despite this lack of awareness, impressions of Canada’s farmers are overwhelmingly favourable.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (2018). Public Opinion Research with Canadians Qualitative Research on Agricultural Education – Research Report.  Image courtesy of Agriculture More than Ever.


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