Initiate an inquiry, class discussion or student investigation with the SPARK student source How should the global food supply be protected? 

Implement individual activities with the food DEMOCRACY carousel slide guiding questions What’s the trade-off with food production in a globalized world? and How does the global context of agriculture affect our food supply? The learning sources and competency-based activities in these carousel slides can be implemented as one-to-two class activities that focus on global food issues through the lens of nationalism and internationalism.

These activities can support the following specific learning outcomes in Social Studies 20-1 Perspectives on Nationalism and 20-2 Understandings of Nationalism. Find a correlation of relevant learning outcomes to these individual activities in the Project and Activity Teaching Guide



Related Issue 2 To what extent should national interest be pursued?

2.1 appreciate that nations and states pursue national interest (TCC, GC, PADM)

2.2 appreciate that the pursuit of national interest has positive and negative consequences (TCC, GC, PADM)

2.4 explore the relationship between nationalism and the pursuit of national interest (PADM, I, LPP)

Related Issue 3 To what extent should internationalism be pursued?

3.1 appreciate that nations and states engage in regional and global affairs for a variety of reasons (GC, C, PADM)

3.4 analyze the motives of nation and state involvement or noninvolvement in international affairs (economic stability, self-determination, peace, security, humanitarianism) (GC, TCC, PADM)


S.1 develop skills of critical thinking and creative thinking:

  • evaluate ideas and information from multiple sources
  • determine relationships among multiple and varied sources of information
  • evaluate personal assumptions and opinions to develop an expanded appreciation of a topic or an issue
  • evaluate the logic of assumptions underlying a position
  • assemble seemingly unrelated information to support an idea or to explain an event
  • analyze current affairs from a variety of perspectives

S.7 apply the research process:

  • develop, express and defend an informed position on an issue
  • draw pertinent conclusions based on evidence derived from research
  • integrate and synthesize argumentation and evidence to provide an informed opinion on a research question or an issue of inquiry
  • select and analyze relevant information when conducting research

S.8 demonstrate skills of oral, written and visual literacy:

  • communicate effectively to express a point of view in a variety of situations
  • use a variety of oral, visual and print sources to present informed positions on issues

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