Implement individual activities with the smart AGRICULTURE carousel slide guiding question How is innovation making agriculture smarter? The learning sources and competency-based activities in this carousel slide can be implemented as a one-to-two class activity that focuses on mechanical systems, technology and innovation in agriculture.

These activities can support the following specific learning outcomes in Science 8 Unit D: Mechanical Systems. Find a correlation of relevant learning outcomes to this individual activity in the Project and Activity Teaching Guide



4. Analyze the social and environmental contexts of science and technology, as they apply to the development of mechanical devices

  • Evaluate the design and function of a mechanical device in relation to its efficiency and effectiveness, and identify its impacts on humans and the environment
  • Develop and apply a set of criteria for evaluating a given mechanical device, and defend those criteria in terms of relevance to social and environmental needs
  • Illustrate how technological development is influenced by advances in science, and by changes in society and the environment


Ask questions about the relationships between and among observable variables, and plan investigations to address those questions

  • Identify practical problems (e.g., identify problems related to the effectiveness or efficiency of a mechanical device)
  • Identify questions to investigate arising from practical problems (e.g., “what is the efficiency of this device?”)

Analyze qualitative and quantitative data, and develop and assess possible explanations

  • Evaluate designs and prototypes in terms of function, reliability, safety, efficiency, use of materials and impact on the environment (e.g., test and evaluate the efficiency and reliability of a prototype device to lift a given mass from the floor to a tabletop)
  • Identify and evaluate potential applications of findings (e.g., identify possible applications of a simple machine or mechanical system they have studied)

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