Implement individual activities with the sustainability MATTERS carousel slide guiding question How can sustainable agriculture support food security? The learning sources and competency-based activities in this carousel slide can be implemented as one-to-two class activities that focus on the impact of sustainable agriculture on global food issues.

These activities can support the following specific learning outcomes in Social Studies 10-1 Perspectives on Globalization and 10-2 Living in a Globalizing World. Find a correlation of relevant learning outcomes to these individual activities in the Project and Activity Teaching Guide



Related Issue 3 To what extent does globalization contribute to sustainable prosperity for all people?

3.1 Recognize and appreciate multiple perspectives that exist with respect to the relationships among politics, economics, the environment and globalization (GC, ER, PADM)

3.2 Recognize and appreciate impacts of globalization on the interdependent relationships among people, the economy and the environment (GC, ER, PADM)

3.7 Explore multiple perspectives regarding the relationship among people, the land and globalization (spirituality, stewardship, sustainability, resource development) (LPP, CC, ER, GC)

3.8 Evaluate actions and policies associated with globalization that impact the environment (land and resource use, resource development agreements, environmental legislation) (LPP, ER, GC)

3.9 Analyze multiple perspectives on sustainability and prosperity in a globalizing world (ER, LPP, GC)

Related Issue 4 To what extent should I, as a citizen, respond to globalization?

4.8 Analyze how globalization affects individuals and communities (migration, technology, agricultural issues, pandemics, resource issues, contemporary issues) (GC, LPP)



S.1 Develop skills of critical thinking and creative thinking:

  • Evaluate ideas and information from multiple sources
  • Determine relationships among multiple and varied sources of information
  • Evaluate personal assumptions and opinions to develop an expanded appreciation of a topic or an issue
  • Analyze current affairs from a variety of perspectives

S.5 Demonstrate skills of cooperation, conflict resolution and consensus building:

  • Collaborate in groups to solve problems

S.7 Apply the research process:

  • Draw pertinent conclusions based on evidence derived from research
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of research tools and strategies to investigate issues
  • Develop, refine and apply questions to address an issue
  • Select and analyze relevant information when conducting research

S.8 Demonstrate skills of oral, written and visual literacy:

  • Communicate effectively to express a point of view in a variety of situations

S.9 Develop skills of media literacy:

  • Appraise information from multiple sources, evaluating each source in terms of the author’s perspective or bias and use of evidence
  • Analyze the impact of various forms of media, identifying complexities and discrepancies in the information and making distinctions between sound generalizations and misleading oversimplification

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