Local Food Policies – A Project Exemplar

Project Question: What are some examples of food policies that promote local food?
Canada’s Food Policy will help Canada meet its commitments to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, including the need to end hunger, promote good health, reduce food waste and create a sustainable food system. Local food policies are equally important – they can help to support change and improvements in the food system and encourage consumers to make informed choices about the foods they use. The involvement of Alberta farmers with local food infrastructure gives them the ability to supply consumers in all Alberta communities with safe, nutritious and sustainable food products. This poster provides examples of the food policies that exist in Alberta as well as in two of the province’s major cities.

School: An Alberta School
Students: A Project Exemplar
Topic: Food Democracy
Reflection: This poster shares examples of local food policies. The project exemplar makes conclusions about the local policies that are in place to serve consumers in a local context. How aware do you think consumers are about policies that exist that affect the foods available to them? How do these food policies compare to communities in other places – across Canada or globally? What other food policies could improve the food system and the ability of local farmers to provide the food that the world needs? What further research could be done to look at the economic implications of food policies like the examples in this poster?
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