Solving Challenges with Smart Agriculture – A Project Exemplar

Project Question: What challenges can smart agriculture solve?
Technology can protect biodiversity by monitoring and ensuring animal health. Smart practices in agriculture also protect natural and agricultural ecosystems. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations defines smart farming as the use of modern technology to increase the quantity and quality of agricultural products. The Alberta dairy farm featured on this infographic integrates different technologies on their farm. These technologies result in benefits for the animals as well as for the environment. Technology should also help farmers solve problems and teach people about the how and why they do things. Social media can also be considered a form of technology.

School: An Alberta School
Students: A Project Exemplar
Topic: Smart Agriculture
Reflection: This infographic is one way that a project about smart agriculture can be approached. The project exemplar shares examples of “smart” technologies that are used on an Alberta dairy farm. These technologies include smart devices, sustainable materials and social media. What evidence does this infographic provide about the applications for both crop and livestock farming of different types of technologies? How does this infographic portray this farmer’s attitudes toward the use of technology? Are there any myths and misconceptions about the ways that technologies can be used on farms that could lead to more research?
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