Sustainability through Hydroponics

Growing hydroponics at school for the Culinary Arts kitchen and cafeteria to reduce our carbon foot print. Also to learn the advantages of sustainability by growing our own food. Participating in research for NASA through the Hot Pepper Challenge.

School: James Fowler High School
Students: Rebekah, Skylar, and Sidhant
Topic: Sustainability Matters
Reflection: Rebekah, says" You do not need a lot of space to grow food with hydroponics, and which is also done using less resources like water, fertilizer and pesticides as compared to traditional farming". Sidhant says "You do not need natural sun light to grow food, and you can grow all year round". Skylar says" We were able to see farm to table through this project, as well as seeing the whole process of how food is grown, from flowers to fruits(peppers)".
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