project challenges

Project Planners provide ideas, suggestions and information for a project focus as well as project planning templates.

Each project can be developed around a variety of ideas and can even combine concepts from multiple topics. Consider the examples provided in each Project Planner or create your own project focus.


food DEMOCRACY Project Challenge 


smart AGRICULTURE Project Challenge 


sustainability MATTERS Project Challenge 

Canada now has its first food policy. Be an informed food consumer. Create a project that is focused on local, national or global food policy. 

Share accurate and evidence-based information about the realities of modern farming, farmers and food. Create a project that focuses on the “smart” technologies and science behind food production.

Today’s farmers consider the social, economic and environmental factors that influence and build sustainable food systems. Create a project that focuses on sustainable farming practices or profiles a local farmer.  

project design pages

Project Pages provide format and design ideas and suggestions.

These pages include tips for  shooting a video, designing a lab, writing a blog, creating a profile poster, building a photo board, developing an infographic and constructing a community map. Use them as a starting point or come up with your own idea. 





graphic organizers & thinking maps

These graphic organizers and thinking maps can support your learning activities and project development.

Many of these graphic organizers and thinking maps include fillable fields; use them with activities in any topic and for planning and developing a project. 

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