Farm Contributions

Which of the SPARK questions below could you find out more about? Use these questions to help you focus your research and find information.

Why do you think family farms are important for a healthy food supply in Canada?


What types of jobs are most important on a family farm?


How can farmers be kept on the land? Why is this important to our food supply?


Why is it important to encourage people to consider jobs in agriculture?


How do First Nation, M├ętis and Inuit peoples grow and produce traditional food? What can be learned from Indigenous food production practices for agriculture jobs of the future?


THINK ABOUT the activities and jobs that family members might do on different types of family farms. Describe the different types of food products that come from family farms. Consider how these activities are the same or different as traditional indigenous food production. Identify the other jobs and occupations that are connected to the production of food that starts on family farms.