Impact of Technology

Which of the SPARK questions below could you find out more about? Use these questions to help you focus your research and find information.

How do you think farming has been affected by technology?


Why has the variety and range of agricultural jobs increased over time? What different types of agricultural jobs may there be in the future?


What are the advantages of using more and newer technologies to produce food? What drawbacks can the increasing use of technology have?


How is innovation important to Canadian agriculture? How important will innovation be in the future?


Does innovation in agriculture always have to include technology?


THINK ABOUT the types of technology that could be used on farms. Describe how technology examples like drones, robots, smartphones, the internet or solar and wind energy could be used by farmers. Consider how these technologies could be used by other jobs connected to agriculture, like nutritionists, veterinarians, scientists, grocery workers, and truck transport drivers.

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