The project challenge in agriculture HISTORIES asks students to create a project that illustrates how contexts and events in the past help them understand more about where the food system should go in the future. Students can compare challenges in the past with those faced by farmers today, explore how farming, images and identities have changed over time or focus on the history of crops and their place in local, traditional or sustainable food systems. They can shoot a video, create a photo board or infographic or develop their own project format to publicly share.

Social Studies

agriculture HISTORIES

agriculture HISTORIES asks students to explore aspects of Canadian and Alberta histories through the lens of agriculture. This topic asks students to explore concepts of change and challenges, identities, population growth and urbanization, cooperation and innovation. Students focus on the impact of agriculture on Canada’s development and on learning more about where their food comes from. 

Project and Activity Guide

Project-based learning experiences, teaching suggestions and activities

Spark Questions

Snapshots of information and questions that spark thinking and inspire guiding questions for further investigation

Learn and Build Competencies

Trusted information sources for students, including photo stories, primary sources and infographics with accompanying skill and competency-focused activities

Project Tools

Graphic organizers and templates for students

Assessment Tools

Assessment supports and templates, including a learning checklist, project check-in grid and rubric

Vocabulary Supports

Vocabulary for teacher and student support

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