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The project AGRICULTURE program consists of six topics that support learning in Alberta Social Studies and Science curriculum, the competencies, literacy and numeracy at junior and senior high school levels. Topics are developed for two main, or targeted, grade levels. 

The project AGRICULTURE program is designed so teachers can choose to implement activities as a project-based unit OR select and integrate individual activities for one to two-class lessons in existing units. Student learning sources address a range of curriculum-centred concepts and should be selected from according to the needs and interests of students. 

find curriculum connections

This curriculum grid provides specific curriculum outcome correlations for each of the six project AGRICULTURE topics.

Open each tile in the curriculum grid below to download curriculum correlations for the learning experiences provided in each topic. Topics are identified by image.

All curriculum correlations, along with activity and assessment suggestions, are provided in the Project and Activity Teaching Guides for each topic. Find and download these and other PDF resources on the TEACH webpage.

Tiles identified as TARGETED are the focus of a topic. Learning sources and activities in the topic’s learning experiences can be used to meet, reinforce and/or develop several learning outcomes. 

Tiles identified as OPTIONAL address fewer learning outcomes. You will find links to the individual activities that can be integrated into existing units for identified subject areas and grade levels. You may also identify other cross-curricular connections and learning opportunities. 

curriculum connections grid

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