The project challenge in food DEMOCRACY asks students to create a project that is focused on local, national or global food policy. Students are challenged to shoot a video, build a photo essay, write an op-ed, create an infographic or develop their own project format to publicly share.

Social Studies
9 10


food DEMOCRACY asks students to explore economic and social aspects of the food production system locally, nationally and globallythrough the lens of both consumers and farmers. Students focus on how our food system ultimately affects quality of lifeand what they can do, as consumers and citizens, to improve it.

Project and Activity Guide

Project-based learning experiences, teaching suggestions and activities

Spark Questions

Snapshots of information and questions that spark thinking and inspire guiding questions for further investigation

Learn and Build Competencies

Trusted information sources for students, including photo stories, primary sources and infographics with accompanying skill and competency-focused activities

Project Tools

Graphic organizers and templates for students

Assessment Tools

Assessment supports and templates, including a learning checklist, project check-in grid and rubric

Vocabulary Supports

Vocabulary for teacher and student support

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