How can food trends affect food choices?

What food trend was most popular in 2021?


Read and discuss EAT LOCAL to find some examples of local and traditional foods and how food labels help identify what’s local.

Complete the activities in INVESTIGATE LOCAL FARMS.



Read and discuss GROW ORGANIC to learn what organic means for farming and dairy farms.

Complete the activities in ASSESS ORGANIC CHOICES.



promoting food

Food is advertised and marketed. Sometimes, marketing targets a specific group of people, like teenagers or young adults.

Food marketing can promote healthy and informed decision making about food. It can also give you more information about food trends, such as local sources of food or what organic food choices really mean.

However, food marketing can also influence food choices that are not as healthy – for example, when the foods or food products that are being promoted contain too much sodium, sugar or saturated fat.

What examples of food product marketing can you share?

the impact of food marketing

Canada’s Food Guide describes the impact of food marketing.

Food marketing is all around us. You likely receive a constant stream of changing and often conflicting messages about food. This can make it hard to make healthy food choices.

Food marketing can impact you in many different ways. It is designed to:

  • create food trends
  • encourage you to:
    • buy certain foods or drinks
    • buy foods in order to get promotional items such as:
      • loyalty points
      • tickets to movies or sports events
      • coupons for future food purchases
  • create links between certain foods or brands and a particular lifestyle
  • build brand loyalty so you will continue to purchase from a particular store or products with a brand name
Source: Government of Canada online. Marketing can influence your food choices.


building food skills

The Food Guide shares strategies you can use to make informed decisions about the food you buy and eat. Becoming more aware of food marketing is a food skill.

  • You can recognize when foods are being marketed to you.
  • You can learn how to use food labels to decide whether a food item is healthy.
  • You can learn to think about if you are choosing a food because it’s cool or because it’s healthy.

How do you know when a food is being marketed to you?


trending Canadian crop choices

Canadian consumers are increasingly interested in healthy lifestyles and healthy food choices. This can affect what farmers choose to grow. Some Canadian farmers are focusing on different crop varieties to support these consumer trends. They are growing crops like quinoa as well as fruits like sea buckthorn and haskap.

Quinoa is a grain crop that has uses similar to rice, but it also appears as an ingredient in pasta, breakfast cereals, snack foods and baked goods.

The haskap plant can survive in Canadian cold winter temperatures, and its berries are high in antioxidants and vitamins. Sea buckthorn is known for it use in skin therapy. It also has a number of food uses. Its berries can produce juices that are high in vitamins and protein, while its leaves can be steeped to produce a nutritional tea.


Adapted from Statistics Canada (March 22, 2018). Innovation and healthy living propel growth in certain other crops.