How does agriculture contribute to quality of life?

What proportion of Canadians live and work on farms?


Read and discuss CONNECTING NATURAL RESOURCES AND HUMAN ACTIVITIES to explore how agriculture contributes to a variety of jobs and ways of life.

Complete the activities in TALK ABOUT AGRICULTURE.


top ten reasons why agriculture is important

  1. Agriculture employs over two million Canadians– that’s one in eight jobs. It is an important human activity in every region of Canada.
  2. Canada is the world’s fifth largest agriculture exporter. This means Canada sells and trades more agricultural products than many other countries in the world.
  3. Agriculture is family oriented. All dairy farms in Alberta are family farms.
  4. Agriculture contributes to the wealth and resources of Canada and its regions, producing a wide variety of food and other products.
  5. Farmers have close connections to the land. This means they work hard to protect and preserve the environment.
  6. Farmers love and care for their animals. They believe in responsible animal care and follow national and provincial guidelines to make sure the animals are safe and healthy.
  7. Agriculture is innovative! It uses science, research and technology to produce food in the most efficient way possible.
  8. Canada’s farmers believe in the quality and safety of the food they produce. Canada ranks in the top ten countries in the world for the affordability, availability, safety and quality of food.
  9. Most Canadians trust our farmers! In a survey, many Canadians said they trusted farmers more than other groups and that they were interested in learning more about farming.
  10. Farmers love what they do. Farming is not just a job. It’s their way of life.

Why do you think agriculture is important?


Adapted from Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Canadian Agriculture: Agriculture More Than Ever:



Infographic from Statistics Canada.

ag challenge

Take the ag challenge quiz shared in this video from Agriculture More Than Ever. Agriculture More Than Ever is an organization that provides resources and encourages positive discussions about agriculture in Canada.

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