Farming Roots in Communities

Which of the SPARK questions below could you find out more about? Use these questions to help you focus your research and find information.

To what extent is the past reflected in the present?


Is there evidence of agricultural roots in or around our community? What kind of evidence? If there is no evidence, why do you think there is not?


What kinds of farms and/or agricultural activities are found around our community? How long have these farms been here?


In what ways is life today in our or other communities better or easier than it was in the past? Why?


Should more be done to support agricultural activities in the future? Why or why not?


THINK ABOUT farms and fields you have seen in or around your community. Consider how long these agricultural areas have been there. Describe the activities you may have seen on these farms. Imagine how these activities may have been similar or different in the past.

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